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Number 1 producer of agricultural machinery in Romania

Maschio Gaspardo is the largest producer of agricultural machinery in Romania. The production range is including: subsoilers, tines cultivators, discs cultivators, seed bed cultivators, frames of precision seed drills and other machinery.

CEO: Mirco Maschio

Contact: 155, Infratirii Street, 315100, Chisineu-Cris, Arad County, Romania

Office: +40-257-307-030 / Fax: +40-257-307-040

Agricultural equipment

Having more than 3 decades of experience in Italy, FC Servizi SRL is supporting the Romanian farmers offering a wide range of small, medium and large size agricultural equipment and the related spare parts.

CEO: Costa Ferlito

Contact: 50, 605 Street, 317235, Pecica, Arad County, Romania

Office: +40-725- 927-790

Developer of photovoltaic parks

Since 2004, Instalniva Comp SRL is building solar and hydro power plants. In 2009, Instalniva Comp SRL and ESPE SRL have founded the Company Instalniva Rinnovabili SRL, in Italy, having the same branch of activity: building of photovoltaic power parks. CEOs: Narita Adrian and Ivan Dorin
Contact: 6 Virtutii Street, 300126, Timisoara, Timis County, Romania
Office: +40-256-294-408 / Mobile: +40-752-248-065

Plumbing and air conditioning installations

APA PLUSai??i??97 SRL is a private capital company, and the services provided are the following: design, sale, fitting and maintenance of plumbing and heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sewage systems and fire protection installations.

CEO: Bogdan RoAYca
Contact: 43/A Petru Rares Street, Lipova, Arad County, Romania
Office: +40-731-660-855

Building and demolishing services

DEL BONO & CO SA has been founded in Romania upon the initiative of an Italian company, DEL BONO SPA carrying out activities in the construction field in Italy and abroad. The company is providing services in the urbanism field, roads and industrial buildings, infrastructures and also demolishing works with the recycling of the resulting materials.

Manager: Canzian Adriano
Contact: DN 69, Km 7+200 left, 307375, O.P. Sanandrei, C.P. 1, Timisoara, Timis County , Romania
Office: +40-256-285-343 / Fax: +40-256-285-39 / E-mail:

Marketing, branding and web design agency

Rainfall is a marketing, branding and web design agency having its headquarters in Arad. It provides creative and professional solutions for brands and organizations, including: brand and logo design, consultancy regarding the brand strategy, graphic design, web and interface design, web development, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and social media management.

CEO: Dalibor Vasiljevic
Contact: 3 Catedralei Square, Ap. 6, Arad, Arad County, Romania
Office: +40-357-800-400 / Mobil: +40-721-186-021 / E-mail:

Metal structures and metal products

Company in charge with mechanic processing, having its headquarters in Siria. The company activity is subordinated to the metal structures and metal products industry, exclusively machinery, equipment and installations.

CEO: Andrei Vasile Elvis
Contact: Siria, Arad County, Romania
Mobile: +40-749-197-668


General mechanical processing

Company providing mechanical processing operations, having its headquarters in Ineu.
Contact: 12 Rahovei Street, Ineu, Arad County, Romania
Mobile: +40-742-315-215

Trade of industrial processing systems

Company providing mechanical processing, having its headquarters in Arad. Exclusive importer of KITAMURA products, sales of horizontal and vertical industrial processing systems. The metal processing is carried on turning and cutting.

CEO: Chiss Carmen
Contact: 1C Poetului Street, 310345, Arad, Arad County, Romania
Office: +40-357-434-620

Producer of metal furniture

PRETI SRL is a foreign capital company that produces metal furniture for storing, archiving and preservation of goods. The company is providing customized furniture for the clientsai??i?? facilities, being one of the most important producers of metal furniture in Romania.

CEO: Preti Giovanni
Contact: Ineu, Arad County, Romania
Office: +40-257-513-444

Supplier of hydrological and pneumatic equipment

The company carries out activities in the sale of air treatment systems, compressors, pneumatic tools, design and execution of compressed-air installations. The company is selling its products in 8 self-owned stores and by 45 authorized dealers and distributors.

CEO: Marinangeli Mattia
Contact: Second Street Vest Industrial Area, Arad County, Romania
Office: +40-257-259-816

Consultancy and raw materials sales

CEO: Nichitean Neculai
Contact: 95A Europa Street, Baia Mare, Maramures County, Romania
Mobile: +40-746-813-958 / Fax: +40-362-089-871