We invest in research, innovation and agricultural development

The Management Entity of the Cluster IND AGRO VEST “Sviluppo Insieme Si Vince” Association has been founded in September 2013, in view of constituting the cluster IND AGRO VEST, by Maschio Gaspardo Romania and 11 of its collaborators from the supply chain.

IND AGRO VEST, being under the development pole IND AGRO, is an innovative research and development cluster, aiming to produce state-of-the-art and high performance agricultural machinery, the most adequate to the soil conditions in Romania.


The Association “Sviluppo Insieme si Vince” is a non-governmental organization, non-profit, founded by the contribution of its members and the services provided to suppliers and buyers from agricultural field.

The organizational structure and the management bodies of the association are the following:

  • General Assembly
  • Managing Board

Founding members of the association: Maschio Gaspardo Romania, Instalniva, Apa Plus, FC Servizi, Rainfall, Ade Metal, Auromet Electroconstruct, PTC, Preti, Gica, Eicons General and Del Bono&Co.
Partners members of the association: Universitatea de Vest “Vasile Goldis” Arad, Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicină Veterinară a Banatului “Regele Mihai I al României” din Timișoara, Universitatea Politehnică București and Business Laboratory INMA Bucharest.
The General Assembly is the managing body formed of all members. The General Assembly may function if the majority of the association members are present and the decisions shall be adopted with majority of votes. The vote of 2/3 of the founding member is necessary to adopt a modification of the Association’s statute.

The main competences of the General Assembly are the following:

  • Approval of the strategy and general goals of the Association
  • Approval of the Organization and Functioning Regulation
  • Modification of the Articles of Incorporation, Statute and of the Organization and Functioning Regulation of the Association
  • Approval to receive new members
  • Approval of the annual activity program

The Managing Board of the Association is watching upon the implementation of the General Assembly decisions by issuing the proper decisions. The main competences of the Managing Board are the following:

  • Elaboration of annual strategies and activity programs
  • Coordination of Association’s activity in order to reach the set goal
  • To appoint the secretary of the General Assembly’s meetings

The main competences of the Association Chairman are the following:

  • Representation of the Association in the relations with third parties
  • Employment of necessary personnel on the grounds of the organizational chart approved by the General Assembly
  • To enter into legal deed on behalf of the Association, on the grounds of the Managing Board’s decision
  • Organization and management of the Associations’ current activity.