De ce sA? devin membru?

Do you want to know which the benefits in joining the Association ai???Sviluppo Insieme si Vinceai??? are? Do you want to know how the membership will influence the activity of your company?
Letai??i??s consider a few advantages you can benefit from as member of our Association:

  • National and international visibility ai??i?? contacts with members affiliated to other similar national and European organizations
  • Meetings and contacts with potential clients /suppliers identified by market researches, ai???matchmakingai???-type events
  • Access to business information and participation to fairs organized inside the network or to which Sviluppo Insieme si Vince is participating in the networkai??i??s name.

Organizations that may become members:

  • Agricultural companies from the western region of Romania
  • Public authorities from the Western
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Consultancy companies working in this field.

Joining Procedure:

In order to join the cluster network, the companies shall fill in a form manifesting their interest in joining. A resolution upon the joining of new members in the cluster will be submitted to vote in the meeting of the Associationai??i??s General Assembly.

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